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We bring your jewellery to life!

Our mission is to help you transform your ideas from paper to finished jewellery. Exactly the way you envisioned it.

We believe in taking the time to plan your design. The result is beautiful jewellery, made exactly how you want it. The sketch of your design will have all the dimensions and stone sizes that will be used on your jewellery, carefully calculated to make sure that your design can be manufactured within your desired budget. Our team of CAD designers will render your jewellery so you can see how it will look once it is done.

We believe in producing jewellery of the highest standards. We use state of the art technology and the latest manufacturing equipment to deliver the best quality possible.

Most people can never find jewellery they want, because it was made by someone else for someone else. At Kustom Jewellery, we encourage you to make your own jewellery. The way you want it!

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  • 42/4-5 Gemopolis Industrial Estate, Gemo Mall
    D5-D6, Sukhipaban 2 SOI 31, MOO 4, Kwang Dokmi,
    Khet Pravet, Bangkok 10260

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